Infratest specializes in locating and treating leaks and water damage using advanced technologies that enable locating infrastructure and water leaks, while protecting your assets. Our services are offered to the private, business and industrial sectors, with an emphasis on professionalism and close guidance throughout, from the liquidity detection stage to the liquidity handling stage by qualified professionals.

We provide high availability liquidity detection services in the Central, Sharon and Shefela areas. We advocate courteous service, uncompromising professionalism, and full transparency towards our customers. Infratest was founded by Michael Zana, an industrial and management practical engineer and plumber with over 13 years of experience in the plumbing and liquidity industry.

Thermal cameras are a type of camera that can detect temperature differences. It is commonly used in locating water leaks to find leaks inside the home. With the help of thermal cameras, homeowners can easily find out where the leak is coming from and repair it before further damage is done. Sewage cameras are most often used to detect sewer leaks, but they can also be used to detect gases. Sewage cameras are inserted into the sewer line and then pulled out to check the inside of the pipe. The sewer camera will see any corrosion or cracks that may lead to leakage or gas release.