Gas 365 - Gas Technician

גז 365

Gas 365 is owned by Adir Raibi, a garage gas technician from the Ministry of Labor (MR 1160826) with 6 years of experience in the gas field. Gas 365 provides a variety of services in the field of domestic gas and operate in accordance with the Israeli standard (158) according to law and for your safety. Gas 365 works and provides approvals to all gas companies.

Not everyone can be a gas technician, and a person who works with gas without a proper license and has not been trained endangers himself, the customer, the environment and regardless will do a less good job. It is therefore important to make sure that the technician has the right ion at the appropriate level: for example, if it is a large size that serves an entire building or restaurant one should make sure that he has a level 2 license.

Gas 365 gas services are provided by expert professionals with extensive experience and a license to practice in their field. Many customers already give courteous and professional service, a sense of security and peace of mind in their home.